A Professional Latino Hive

The Crew

The Crew

The Crew is comprised of emerging professionals that have achieved success in their personal and professional endeavors. The iConexión crew represents professionals with a vast amount of experience from many different industries: corporate, civic, non-profit, and entrepreneurship. Our “Circle of Influence” and Strategic Ambassadors are committed to deliver key insights and assist in widening the path to success for iConexión members.


Richard-Abraham Rugnao is the president and chief emerge officer for rār-evolution, a pulse-generating and tradition-busting public affairs firm. With its two divisions, RĀR and iemerge, rār-evolution is focused on the vitality of millennial multicultural consumers and aspiring game changer GenX professionals. Richard-Abraham is a recognized national speaker on the “iBrand” journey. He shares his “a-ha” and “straight talk…no chaser” experiences with this countryʼs aspiring leaders and professionals. As an “emerging” executive with Yum! Brands, Richard-Abraham was a key architect of the companyʼs highly recognized global diversity department and direction. Richard-Abraham led diversity and inclusion “step-change” in public affairs, brand marketing, government relations, supplier diversity, candidate sourcing and franchisee pipeline development. Prior to Yum!, Richard-Abraham was the Sr. Director of Communications and PR for the US Hispanic Chamber of Commerce in Washington, DC.

Ben Van Horn

Ben believes that marketing is about connections- people finding other like minded individuals, and companies finding a way to connect emotionally with their customers. Ben has learned to cultivate these sensibilities while immersing himself in a variety of media and marketing positions, from traditional advertising to public relations, experiential marketing and everything in between.

Ben specializes in marketing and advertising consultation, helping clients with brand building, media buying, content marketing strategy, website design, social networking initiatives, and high level event management. He has spent over 12 years working for a variety of media companies in outdoor, broadcast, print, and digital formats in leadership positions. Clients and strategic partners have included Dr Pepper, Land Rover, Bacardi USA, Wal Mart, State Farm, and Diageo.

As Chief Visionary Officer of iConexion, Ben’s mission is to assemble a “Hive” of Latino professionals that nurtures career and entrepreneurial engagement, delivers relevant “net-weaving” experiences and cultivates its members to mold their own personal and professional “blue sky” vision.

Silvia Alvarez

Silvia takes traditional public relations tactics and infuses emerging media, voices and thought leaders into the mix. Silvia brings RĀR over 12 years of experience designing and executing successful communications strategies for great institutions and individuals in the fields of sports and entertainment and high-level politics and public policy.

Silvia is a former Director of Public Affairs with Burson-Marsteller, lead communications for Bloomberg Sports, served served as a senior communications officer and community liaison for the reelection campaign of New York City Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg, and worked as the director of multicultural & charitable communications for Major League Baseball.

Silvia knows sport, knows the nuances of multicultural communities and knows the sensitive layers of politics.

Fantasy Buckman

Fantasy is a master marketing in the multicultural and African American segments. Prior to joining RĀR, Fantasy owned and operated BOUNCE, a successful full service experiential marketing agency specializing strategic planning and event development, design and management. Fantasy brings strong corporate experiences, having worked with giants like, Target, Chase, YUM! Brands, State Farm and Televisa Publishing, including music industry conglomerates like Universal Music Group and SonyBMG.

Fantasy is currently the editor-in-chief and operations manager of the music industry trade publication, Frequency News, a Radio One subsidiary specializing in the urban music business.